Oil = Barrels of death…

Friends of the Earth, I have grave concerns for the future of humanity and this beautiful planet. Someone once said that “life is what you make it” and the skeptics amongst us have answered “life is what other people make it also”. The multi billion dollar question is , what are the politicians of the world doing to our earth ? Sucking the life-blood out of the earth like vampires, bottling it and putting it all up on sale like carnival freaks, all the while knowing the effects that carbon is having on our atmosphere (the thing designed to protect us) and future sustainability even our own survival.


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One Response to Oil = Barrels of death…

  1. fallenangel7 says:

    Solar powered and electric cars have already been developed with over 400 bhp, so whats the deal ? We already have the cutting edge technology to superceed the use of oil as a fuel source. Unfortunatly nearly all new technologies are being suppressed by the richest and most powerful corporations all for the sake of greed and the mighty dollar, not to mention all the cures for cancer that have mysteriously vanished over the decades. It is their greed and “root of evil” that have sown the seeds of destruction, the true cost of this is a price that will be paid for by future generations and the planet itself.
    Apart from oil rig disasters, destruction of our magnetic north and south poles, global warming, holes in the ozone layer, rising sea levels, mass extinction of entire species, endless wars with dictators who own the oil etc. Do we really need the bloody oil ? Are greed and money the reasons why we cant evolve to our next level of technology ? Are our leaders completely stupid, living for the now selfishly and unable to intergrate a safer and viable alternative? The answer- NOT IF OUR LIVES DEPENDED ON IT….

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