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Are their any people out there who are interested in talking about psychic abilities ?Questions /answers on experiences


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Spiritual, awe inspirered by the mystery of life, psychic channeler, everyday person who loves beer and the great outdoors...
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  1. fallenangel7 says:

    From an early age i realised something was a little different about me from all the other kids, I had no inclination towards violence or misbehavior and sometimes wracked with guilt for no apparent reasons at all. I was never very good at sports like my counterparts and often had to dum myself down in order to fit in.
    A lot of my time was spent daydreaming where i would waft in and out of the subconscious and the conscious mind, eventually being able to somehow synchronise the two and at the age of 10 experienced my first premonition.
    Unlike dejavu this was more than just a feeling or a suspicion that id been somewhere or done something before, this was a detailed account word for word, moment for moment, second by second of an identical situation that i already had experience before… Like i watched a video of this whole thing to the precise detail only weeks before and forgotten all about the dream until the actual event occured.
    It was this point where the moment of realisation hit me… I was so shocked and awed by the experience that was unfolding right before me that i felt compelled to talk to the teacher about it after class.
    Even though she was scolding me earlier she was intrigued and began asking me questions about whether she should marry a particular man or not that she wasnt sure about at the time.
    I immediatly asked her if he was rich because i sensed he may have been arrogant, she replied yes he is, i told her to marry him and if he dies she will inherit the money as i also felt he may have been older than her.
    A year later miss maross left my primary school and got married, i never did see her again.
    As Years went by i started channeling spirits, unseen entities that quite clearly made sense and often warned me of dangers i could not possibly have known about.
    This particular gift i was developing has indeed saved my life on occasions and more often than not acts as an early warning of danger.
    I call it a gift because this is something i simply did not ask for, but now days as i have self taught myself to understand it more i can channel on a daily basis, all day every day but i conceed that this would take up all of my time and i realised that i have a life to live here as well…
    My next step is wanting to use it to help people other than myself…
    There is much we can all teach and learn from each other. im am sound with god knowing that in this UNI-VERSE , “He is one who is the All, and comes from the All”

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